When you get a migraine, you realize how painful and occasionally debilitating episode it can be. Physicians and scientists are still researching the cause of migraine. Some think that migraine originates within the brain because of intracellular transport dysfunction; others think migraines are hereditary.

 There may be some debate about the cause of migraine but researchers have discovered some clinically proven migraine triggers that may cause migraines attacks. If you know what the common migraine triggers are, you could avoid these triggers to reduce the likelihood of a migraine attack.

Artificial Sweeteners - Avoid These Migraine Triggers

Artificial sugar substitutes such as Aspartame, have been confirmed to trigger migraines in some people. These artificial sweeteners have already been used in many processed foods and beverages globally not to mention in most carbonated soda. You should make a conscious effort to avoid all foods and beverages that contain aspartame.

 Caffeine - Can be Potent Migraine Trigger

Caffeine is daily dose of energy for many people. Too much caffeine intake may cause migraine in some people. Just as much as cutting out caffeine intake could be useful to reduce migraine attacks, caffeine withdrawal can trigger migraines as well. When you have been drinking coffee daily for many years and you quit cold turkey one fine morning, your body might trigger a migraine simply because it's so used to that cup of coffee. If caffeine is a migraine trigger for you, start reducing your caffeine intake till you no longer require even one cup of coffee.

 Cheese, Wine and Chocolate - These Romantic Foods are Actually Migraine Triggers

 The top three romantic foods - cheese, chocolate and wine - have already been confirmed to be potent migraine triggers. Any type of alcohol can trigger a migraine, including wine, especially the red wine. Chocolate consists of phyenylethamine and aged cheese has an amino acid called tyramine which has already been confirmed to cause migraines.

 Dehydration - Most Ignored Migraine Trigger

 Remain hydrated or you may get a severe migraine headache. Our bodies are made up of 75% water, so staying hydrated is essential for healthy living. To function correctly it's important to replace the water that our body excretes and secretes. Nevertheless, once the body becomes dehydrated it affects the overall functioning of brain and body and may trigger a migraine. Often ignored, dehydration is a major migraine trigger.

 Light, Sound, Odor - Too Strong, Too Bad

 Light and noise have already been recognized migraine trigger for many people. Vibrant or brilliant lighting can also trigger migraines exactly the same way as well loud noises like music, yelling, and banging can trigger migraines. Odor can also be a really potent migraine triggers many people.

 Lack of Sleep or Rest May Trigger Migraine

 Rest is essential to allow the brain to shut down and reboot. Insufficient rest can trigger the brain to function abnormally and may cause unwanted side effects such as exhaustion, dizziness, confusion, headaches, and migraines.

 Smoke - Too Bad For Migraine

 For all the long lists and reasons that smoking is bad for you, it may trigger migraines in you. Keep in mind that even though you don't smoke, second hand smoke could be a migraine trigger as well.

 Climate Change - Potent Migraine Trigger

Change in weather, air pressure, temperature, and pollution can trigger migraines to some people.

 You will find many potent migraine triggers in your surroundings. If you know what triggers your migraines, you may make some simple adjustments to avoid those migraine triggers and eventually the frequency of migraine attacks. Trust me, it may change your life!

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